About us

Quintasocial is your solution to marketing and branding on social media platforms.

Established in 2014, you can trust our experience.

We understand.

Managing your business and looking after its promotional campaign side by side is very difficult.

We often wonder how we can manage both, without having to trust strangers and getting our desired results. The great thing about marketing and branding in today’s world is that we have social media to support it. Marketing, managing clients and having full knowledge of market, is now very easy through social media. Any business can flourish extremely well if you manage your Social Media presence in the right way. If you are still wondering how to get this all done, then we are your answer. Bridging the gap for growing businesses who don’t want to deal with freelancers or big budget agencies. We’ll help you send a consistent message through all your marketing channels and place you in front of your target audience.


We are experienced and adaptable.

Our social media work has so far covered the following Industries:

Domiciliary & Mental Health, Digital banking, Charities, Luxury Property, Financial Services, Luxury Cars & Transport, Prison system, Restaurants & Nightlife, Authors and Public Speakers, Hotels and Spa, Business Development Consultants, Recruitment, Healthcare and Well-being, Nursery, Nanny & Childcare services, Restaurants, Education Consultants/Tutors, Weddings & Events, DJs & Music and Leisure Facilities:

Get in touch to see examples of our work.


We will help you with your brand management and client services on social media.

Quintasocial is your solution to marketing and branding on social media platforms. We care for your business and try our best to benefit you with our expertise, we understand the needs of todays growing businesses and we accommodate our clients accordingly. We know the importance of your brand, so we will help you manage your business on social media while you can plan its growth strategies.

Quintasocial was founded in 2014 by a digital native who spends a lot of the day heading up a marketing department for an app based start up, with 12 years of experience working in social media and for some of the worlds biggest internet giants in online marketing and campaign management - you can trust us.

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